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Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Volume 1

Module 1 - Module 4

Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Volume 1 

Module 1 - The Canadian Investment Marketplace​

Lesson 1 - The Canadian Securities Industry​

Topics covered:

•Overview of the Canadian Securities Industry

•The Investment Dealer's Role as a Financial Intermediary

•Financial Intermediaries Other than Investment Dealers

•Financial Market Trends​

Lesson 2 - The Capital Market

Topics covered:

•Investment Capital

•The Financial Instruments

•The Financial Markets

Lesson 3 - The Canadian Regulatory Environment

Topics covered:

•The Regulators

•Regulation and Supervision


•Ethical Standards in the Financial Services Industry 

In Class: $299.99

Online: $99.99

Module 2 - The Economy

Lesson 4 - Overview of Economics

Topics covered:

•Defining Economics

•Measuring Economic Growth

•Business Cycle

•The Labour Market

•The Role of Interest Rates

•The Impact of Inflation

•International Finance and Trade

Lesson 5 - Economic Policy

Topics covered:

•Fiscal Policy

•The Bank of Canada

•Monetary Policy

•The Challenges of Government Policy 

In Class: $199.99

Online: $99.99

Module 3 - Investment Products

Lesson 6 - Fixed-Income Securities: Features and Types

Topics covered:

•The Fixed-Income Marketplace

•The Basic Features and Terminology of Fixed-Income Securities

•Government of Canada Securities

•Provincial and Municipal Government Securities

•Types of Corporate Bonds

•Other Fixed-Income Securities

•How to Read Bond Quotes and Ratings

Lesson 7 - Fixed-Income Securities: Pricing and Trading

Topics covered:

•Calculating Price and Yield of a Bond

•Term Structure of Interest Rates

•Fundamental Bond Pricing Properties

•Bond Market Trading

•Bond Indexes

Lesson 8 - Equity Securities: Common and Preferred Shares

Topics covered:

•Common Shares

•Preferred Shares

•Stock Indexes and Averages

Lesson 9 - Equity Securities: Equity Transactions

Topics covered:

•Cash Accounts and Margin Accounts

•Margin Account Transactions

•Trading and Settlement Procedures

•How Securities Are Bought and Sold

Lesson 10 - Derivatives

Topics covered:

•The Role of Derivatives

•Types of Underlying Assets

•The Users of Derivatives


•Forwards and Futures

•Rights and Warrants 

In Class: $499.99

Online: $249.99

Module 4 - The Corporation                                                                                                 In Class:    $199.99

Lesson 11 - Corporations and their Financial Statements                                                                                       Online:      $99.99

Topics covered:

•Corporations and Their Structure

•Financial Statements of a Corporation

•The Annual Report

•Public Company Disclosures and Investor Rights

•Forwards and Futures

•Takeover Bids and Insider Trading

Lesson 12 - Financing and Listing Securities

Topics covered:

•Government and Corporate Finance

•The Corporate Financing Process

•Bringing Securities to the Market

•Other Methods of Distributing Securities to the Public

•The Listing Process 

Canadian Securities Course (CSC) Volume 2

Module 5 - Module 8

Canadian Securities (CSC) Volume 2

Module 5 - Investment Analysis

Lesson 13 - Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Topics covered:

•Methods of Equity Analysis

•Fundamental Macroeconomic Analysis

•Fundamental Industry Analysis

•Technical Analysis

Lesson 14 - Company Analysis

Topics covered:

•Performing Company Analysis

•Interpreting Financial Statements

•Analyzing Financial Ratios

•Assessing Preferred Share Investment Quality

In Class: $199.99

Online: $99.99

Module 6 - Portfolio Analysis

Lesson 15 - Introduction to the Portfolio Approach

Topics covered:

•Risk and Return

•Relationship Between Risk and Return in a Portfolio

•The Portfolio Manager Styles

Lesson 16 - The Portfolio Management Process

Topics covered:

•The Portfolio Management Process

•Step 1: Determine Investment Objectives and Constraints

•Step 2: Design an Investment Policy Statement

•Step 3: Develop the Asset Mix

•Step 4: Select the Securities

•Step 5: Monitor the Client, the Market, and the Economy

•Step 6: Evaluate Portfolio Performance

•Step 7: Rebalance the Portfolio

In Class: $199.99

Online: $99.99

Module 7 - Analysis of managed and structured products

Lesson 17 - Mutual Funds: Structure and Regulation

Topics covered:

•Overview of Managed Products

•Overview of Mutual Funds

•Pricing Mutual Fund Units

•Mutual Fund Regulation

•Other Forms and Requirements

•The Know Your Client Rule

•Requirements For Opening and Updating an Account

Lesson 18 - Mutual Funds: Types and Features

Topics covered:

•Types of Mutual Funds

•Fund Management Styles

•Redemption of Mutual Fund Units or Shares

•Measuring Mutual Fund Performance

Lesson 19 - Exchange-Traded Funds

Topics covered:

•The Regulation and Structure of Exchange-Traded Funds

•Key Features of Exchange-Traded Funds

•The Various Types of Exchange-Traded Funds

•The Risks of Investing in Exchange-Traded funds

•Comparing Exchange-Traded Funds and Mutual Funds

•Taxation of Investors in Exchange-Traded Funds

•Investment Strategies Using Exchange- Traded Funds

•Other Related Products

Lesson 20 - Other Managed Products

Topics covered:

•Segregated Funds

•Hedge Funds

•Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Corporations

•Closed-End Funds

•Income Trusts

•Listed Private Equity

Lesson 21 - Structured Products

Topics covered:

•Overview of Structured Products

•Principal-Protected Notes

•Market-Linked Guaranteed Investment Certificates

•Split Shares

•Asset-Backed Securities

In Class: $499.99

Online: $249.99

Module 8 - Working with the client                                                                                          In Class: $399.99

Lesson 22 - Canadian Taxation                                                                                                                                   Online: $199.99

Topics covered:

•The Canadian Taxation System

•Capital Gains and Losses

•Tax Deferral and tax-free Plans

•Tax Planning Strategies

Lesson 23 - Fee-Based Accounts

Topics covered:

•Overview of Fee-Based Accounts

•Managed Fee-based Accounts

•Non-Managed Fee-based Accounts

Lesson 24 - Working with the Retail Client

Topics covered:

•The Financial Planning Approach

•The Life Cycle Hypothesis

•Ethics and the Advisor's Standards of Conduct

Lesson 25 - Working with the Institutional Client

Topics covered:

•The Sell Side and the Buy Side of the Market

•The Responsibilities of a Buy-Side Portfolio Manager and Trader

•The Organizational Structure of a Sell-Side Trading Firm

•The Revenue Sources for Sell-Side Trading Firms

•Institutional Clearing and Settlement

•Roles and Responsibilities in the Institutional Market

•Investment Styles, Guidelines, and Restrictions

Algorithmic Trading
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